Do it your way and if it doesn’t work, change it until it does with Brad Burton

1973, born, Salford, Dad left, primary school, BMX bikes, role-playing games, computer games, class clown, no qualifications, shop boy, girls, chalet cleaner, nightclubbing, pothead, more girls, games journalist, became a Dad, shot at, moved to Somerset, depressed, dole, more pot, shop manager, blagged CV head of marketing, dole, Director, Oxford sucked, dole, 3 days away from bankruptcy, Dad again, depressed, maisonette above a chippy, married, employed, shove job up arse, self-employed, depression, skint, skint, skint, whinging wife, Dad again, 4Networking, stopped smoking pot, bluffing, struggling, speaking, author, still skint, skint, skint, Dad yet again, 5,000+ events a year, uh oh, UK’s #1 motivational business speaker, bought dream Range Rover Sport, still waiting to be found out, sold dream Range Rover Sport, author again, people are buying them, scratches head, stabbed in the back. Twice. Burned out, near divorce, crisis averted, just, snapped up by top publisher for 3rd book, still waiting to be found out, Dad again, a daughter this time – uh oh, Audi driver, BradCamps, Ferrero Rochers, buzzing, blue tick, blue tick, more 5 stars on Amazon, still UK’s #1 motivational business speaker. Time to quit? Now What? 4th book, no longer skint, no longer depressed, actually quite balanced and happy. Wife still whinging. FFS.


Brads Key Points

  1. Do it your way and if it doesn’t work, change it until it does.
  2. Convince yourself of your brilliance
  3. Find your level and be the best you can possibly be.
  4. Starting living where you want to be


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Top quotes

  • My teacher said to me that I’d never amount to anything and up until I was 31, he was right.
  • I realised that the life I wanted for my family, I would never be able to have even if I worked 80 to 100 hours a week so I told him to shove his job up his arse.
  • In order for you to get to where you need to be in business or life, you’re going to have to do shit you don’t want to do.
  • If you’re waiting for ideal conditions, you’re going to be waiting a very long time.
  • You’ve got to go and make stuff happen.
  • Show me a person in the Uk that has starved to death as a result of starting their own business.
  • If right now, you’re stacking shelves to keep your dream and business alive, pat yourself on the back.
  • You know exactly where you stand when you’re running your own business.
  • Stop thinking about it and do something.
  • I never achieved because I was always trying to be something else.
  • Better than ever before, you can circumvent conventional routes to market.
  • Lose the being professional tag and start on the being effective tag.
  • Overtime you go for a job you get, assets, cash or experience
  • When you have your assets and experience, the only thing you require is cash.
  • Those people who don’t like me for telling the truth, that’s OK.
  • Life is too short to get dicked about by clients.
  • I will only work with people I want to work with.
  • As you start progressing in your career, you have to be braver and say no.
  • Beyond anything else, get yourself happy.
  • Maybe, just maybe, the contentment that you seek, lies here within, its not about the next goal.
  • We try to recreate the magic of that first kiss and that isn’t going to happen.
  • When apathy kicks in, that’s when you start doing daft shit.
  • Make sure that what you’re doing is what you want to do.
  • Live everyday like it’s the last but not at the expense of tomorrow.
  • One day you’ll wish you’d have done those things you never did.
  • We’re all looking for the permission to be the very thing that we want to be.
  • There becomes a point in everyones life where they reach a crossroads and you can choose to move forward or backwards.
  • Every decision you’ve ever made in your life has lead you to where you are today.
  • You can choose to walk past the signs.
  • The amount I’ve wanted to quit is 11 times in the last 10 years
  • The only reason I didn’t quite was because I didn’t have a plan b.
  • The first person you have to convince of your brilliance is you.
  • Start telling yourself how good you are.
  • I defined my vision and stuck to it.
  • In order for you to be a success you’re going to need ideas, vision and belief.
  • If you don’t 100% believe in what you’re talking about forget it.


Key timestamps

  • 0:32 – The hard truths
  • 3:09 – Question the short-term
  • 4:10 – Do what it takes to keep the dream alive
  • 6:20 – The reality of starting a business
  • 7:40 – Business plans
  • 8:05 – Circumvent conventional routes
  • 9:20 – Doing things when you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • 11:47 – Being honest sells.
  • 12:42 – Stop listening to everyones advice
  • 14:27 – A.C.E (Assets. Cash. Experience)
  • 15:44 – Running away from who you are
  • 16:46 – Don’t sell yourself out for money
  • 18:40 – Working with the right people
  • 19:56 – My turning point
  • 21:35 – Find happiness
  • 22:29 – Having the right goals
  • 23:46 – Being happy with what you have.
  • 26:00 – Life is a balancing act.
  • 28:44 – Making the choice when you’re at the crossroads
  • 29:48 – Look at the signs
  • 31:33 – Not having a plan b
  • 32:53 – The biggest thing