Do Something You Love Otherwise It’s Too Easy To Go Back With Graham Todd

Graham Todd (known as Todd) is a passionate and engaging public speaker and social media trainer. One half of Spaghetti Agency, Todd runs, manages and trains business to use social media to great effect.


Todd isn’t shy about showing his energy and excitement for his business and for social media. This comes across whenever he gives a talk or runs a seminar or workshop. Todd engages and involves people with his energetic personality, explaining everything in plain English and taking Q&As in his stride.
Todd says: “Through blogs, tweets and Facebook updates I found a new partner, crafted a new life and created a new business; an online marketing agency I love.

As a fun but knowledgeable speaker, I’ve trained businesses across the UK to use social media effectively. I speak, train, read about and manage social media and digital marketing from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep. I’m a non-conformist and help businesses to avoid selling, and start being more human.

And I’m not ashamed to say I occasionally Instagram my breakfast!”


Graham’s Key Challenges

  1. Accounting, get things in line.
  2. Life has a funny way of giving you opportunities, you just have to get off your arse and take them
  3. You just have to try new things.


Guest Links


Top Quotes

  • I kind of fell into what I’m doing now.
  • I really enjoyed driving a van.
  • I just started doing social media for them on the sly.
  • Looking back it was rubbish, selling was wrong, people wanted the stories.
  • When I got my first iPhone I was able to share the stories from the things I was doing.
  • We’re all adult enough to know that all marketing is bullshit.
  • Social media needs to be real, I shared everything from good to bad.
  • All sales are about trust.
  • 2013 became the year I changed everything.
  • I won an award the day I quit my job.
  • My acceptance speech was something like “Today I quit my job, will someone hire me?”.
  • Everyone wants to run their own business or they want to make a change in the world but you need that sign post with no other option.
  • You need something to say “It’s got to happen”.
  • Tell people about your goals.
  • I am accountable because of all the social and marketing.
  • It’s a dream come true but it’s still hard work.
  • It doesn’t get easier, the challenges change.
  • We’re doing things we weren’t doing two weeks ago.
  • We had to become VAT registered in 3 moths which was insane.
  • Loads of things in accounting upset the ship on the way up.
  • When you’re running a business you’re very good at what you do but you’re rubbish at
  • running a business.
  • We’ve got a cleaner, a dog walker, people who do things for us so we can do what we do.
  • My ultimate goal is to do no work in the company at all and go out and get business.
  • They asked me if I “Would you mind being a cowboy?”.
  • It’s a scary thing starting your own business, you’ve got to do something you love.
  • Otherwise its too easy to go back to what you were doing.
  • People who meet me know how passionate I am about what I do.
  • If you’ve started your business and you’re not really feeling it, do something else because it’s not for you.
  • There were opportunities lying around and as soon as my life changed it was so obvious that they were there.
  • Go on holiday in your head.


Key Timestamps

  • 0:37 – Where have I come from?
  • 3:51 – Being real
  • 8:18 – Social gives you to option to share stories
  • 9:01 – Things were going alright
  • 13:06 – When you leave the safety.
  • 13:43 – Using your goal as motivation
  • 17:03 – Spaghetti Agency
  • 19:13 – The learning curve
  • 22:28 – Ultimate goals and planning for the future
  • 23:25 – The name
  • 28:01 – The biggest thing
  • 30:58 – A unique transition
  • 33:03 – Guest links