Happiness Comes Before Success with Wally Carmichael

My full name is Wallace Ballentyne Carmichael. I mostly go by Wally. Yes, my name is, in part, why I have tough skin.

I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. I grew up much of younger years in a trailer park. Actually, the trailer was parked behind another guys house because we could not even afford the cost of an actual park. I graduated from Carl Hayden High School. You may have heard of the school if you’ve seen the movie “Spare Parts”. It was a rough neighbourhood for a blonde haired white boy to grow up in. But I would not change any of it.

About a year after graduating HS I joined the US Army as a Combat Medic. I spent 25 years on active duty. In that time, I had the pleasure, and in some cases the displeasure, of travelling to 23 countries on five continents.During my travels, I met some wonderful people. The most beautiful and smartest person I met is my wife, Trayce. She is my princess and my best friend. We have been married 24 years and we have three boys (22, 17 and 7 years of age). I know, right?

During my travels, I met some wonderful people. The most beautiful and smartest person I met is my wife, Trayce. She is my princess and my best friend. We have been married 24 years and we have three boys (22, 17 and 7 years of age). I know, right?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. I’ve started many business ventures and learned from many people, in person or through their books, courses, videos and podcasts. I’ve done everything from Real Estate Investing; Satellite Internet hardware, services and installation; residential cleaning and various forms of Direct Sales and Internet Marketing. I did most of these business ventures while still on active duty and deployed.

I have lived a wonderful life with many ups and downs. I’m sure I’ve had more low points than high points. However, I chose to learn from the adversities and count my blessings.

I’m at the point now in my life where my biggest desire is to share my knowledge with other men and continue levelling up my life. Like we say in the Army “Constantly improve your foxhole”.

I will say, the 23 year old Wally certainly thought he had it all figured out because he knew everything. Of course, I know now I may never have it all figured out. But I’m enjoying the journey.


Wally’s Key Points

  1. Don’t do it for the money, do it because you want to learn as much as you can.
  2. Imagine the lifestyle you want to live and learn the vocation that will help you to live that lifestyle.
  3. For people starting out, you can do whatever you want to do, there are so many ways to gain information and learn.


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Top Quotes

  • I had no initial interest in going into the military
  • I was working two jobs to try and get back into college and one day I was just fed up and decided to go and talk to a recruiter to be a medic.
  • One of the subjects I enjoyed at school and there were only a few, was anatomy and physiology, I enjoyed studying the human body
  • The army medic training is only about a 10-week course initially and then you continue as you progress in your career.
  • I took it upon myself to read medical journals to further my knowledge because I was the only medic there.
  • At one point, I was even practising giving myself IV’s.
  • You’re expected to be able to treat anything so I took it upon myself as much as I could.
  • Most of your training is acquired on the job.
  • I initially started to think about leaving the army after about 8 years.
  • My wife and I worked out how much time we’d spent together in our 7 years of marriage and it was around 3 years.
  • I changed stations and found some really good leadership.
  • When I decided to retire, one of the things I chose to do was stay with the military as a government service civilian.
  • I thought I’ve got all this experience and I’d just walk straight into a job and it didn’t quite work out like that.
  • I applied for a lot of jobs and didn’t get an interview, so I applied to places we didn’t care for just so I could get my foot in the door.
  • I applied for so many jobs it was a real kick in the gut and a wake-up call.
  • We’d decided to move back to San Antonio so I sent my truck and about two or three weeks later just as my truck arrived in Dallas, I got a call that I was being considered for job here in Hawaii.
  • In the interim, I needed to find something to do, not because we were in dire straits or anything but to make things easier.
  • Working with our real estate agent, I had the idea of cleaning houses.
  • My wife and I did the cleaning to get started and we actually enjoyed it, by the end, we had a really good system for getting things done.
  • My son said “I can’t believe you’re cleaning houses” and I said “You do what you gotta do to make an income and this is honourable work.”
  • My transition to a civilian was just like putting on some different clothes, at one point I was sitting at the same desk I was at before I retired.
  • Military personnel, even when we’re not in a war environment we constantly doing physical training. It takes a lot of wear and tear on your body.
  • I’ve always been chasing was to make additional income.
  • There is a difference between working for someone else out of necessity and scarcity, rather than working for someone else because you enjoy the work.
  • I found myself on a treadmill that I wasn’t getting what I wanted.
  • I’m living a lift of abundance, I have a beautiful wife, I have three sons, they’re all healthy, I open my front door, I hear the waves on the beach.
  • I watch social media and I see people on Mondays saying “I don’t want to be here”.
  • I wanted to speak to people who I’ve been following for a while. I thought if I build and audience, built it and they will come.
  • If you’re going do it, go big!
  • Men of Abundance is all about thinking and helping men get out of the scarcity mindset.
  • The best way to learn any subject is to teach it and talk about out.
  • I’ve grown more in the last three months after having these conversations.
  • Get out of the country if you can.
  • If you’re not excited about what you’re doing, expose yourself to other environments, expose yourself to other people. Get out of your circle of influence.
  • If you sit there and you’re looking at the clock, chances are that you don’t like it and you’re not excited about it.
  • The happiness comes before the success.
  • If you’re unhappy and you find success, you’re just going to be successfully unhappy.


Key Timestamps

  • 1:02 – 25 years in the military
  • 2:48 – Why a medic?
  • 3:59 – I took it upon myself to study
  • 8:26 – Looking outside of the military
  • 11:30 – Staying around the military after leaving the military
  • 13:28 – San Antonio here we com…..
  • 15:14 – Doing what is needed
  • 19:50 – The transition to civilian life
  • 21:12 – VA Disability
  • 23:11 – Side hustle
  • 31:19 – Helping other people and yourself
  • 32:57 – Key points
  • 38:25 – Guest links