You Don’t Have To Know Your End Game Right Away With Hani Mourra

Hani Mourra is a Dad, Softwareprenuer, and the creator of several software tools to help content creators automate the distribution of live videos and podcasts across multiple platforms and grow their audience faster.



Hani’s Key Points


  1. You don’t have to know your end game right away.
  2. You don’t know until you try.
  3. Start straight away, don’t wait.
  4. Do some validation for your ideas.
  5. Start an email list early.


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Top Quotes


  • A friend of mine convinced me to go into blogging and teach people how to use video.
  • I had no idea what I was doing, I just wanted to get content out there.
  • What my end game was, I had no idea, I just wanted to get content out and build an email list.
  • I wasn’t excited about teaching and doing an online course.
  • How do I combine my skill set and my passion?
  • Standing still and not doing anything is the worst thing you can do.
  • What tool can I build for myself?
  • I knew I had a problem and I wanted to fix it.
  • I didn’t know who was going to buy it, I didn’t know anything, I just got started.
  • If nobody wanted it, I knew I could use it.
  • I stumbled across problems with my developer.
  • Even though I’m a technical guy, I still got taken for a ride.
  • I learnt so many things along the way, I didn’t even know what they were when we started.
  • As we went along on the journey, we adapted and we changed.
  • If I’d have thought too much about it, I would have hesitated.
  • I believe that being out there, creating content and building things will connect you to people and then other people.
  • Having a positive response gave me confidence that I can do this.
  • I got that itch, I wanted to build something else.
  • Someone said, “ You have this great video tool, why don’t you make one for audio?”
  • I launched Simple Podcast Press on my own, through my own networks.
  • I didn’t know anyone in the podcasting space, I was just introduced by people.
  • I was invited to demo my software at a conference.
  • Nothing beats meeting people, face to face.
  • None of this would have happened if I didn’t go to that conference.
  • I had to be there to help people.
  • It’s just in my nature, I like to help people.
  • I didn’t know if people were willing to pay, I just knew it was a good solution.
  • If you have to drop something, drop it and move onto something else.
  • There is no shame in dropping something.
  • I wanted something that was independent of WordPress.
  • This is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, it’s whole new territory.
  • I can see a product working before it done.
  • It’s so exciting to see something come to life.
  • I’m hitting my stride now and it’s years later.
  • I feel there is a lot more coming, I’m not done.
  • I almost stopped to project and nothing would have happened.
  • A month before I launched Podcast Press, a famous podcaster launched his own podcast player.
  • I thought, how can I compete with this, there is no way.
  • I put my blinders on and kept on with my goal.
  • I thought, “why should I continue?”.
  • Stick to your course and keep going.
  • The key is keeping people excited.


Key Timestamps


  • 0:35 – Rolling back
  • 2:26 – Taking it to the next level
  • 3:45 – I didn’t know my end game
  • 6:38 – Building my tool
  • 10:14 – Making a connection
  • 14:01 – Doing something totally new
  • 16:50 – This was literally my turning point
  • 17:24 – Building another tool.
  • 19:40 – Being invited to a conference
  • 23:39 – Using my new tool 1 skills for tool 2
  • 26:24 – Tools 3 & 4
  • 29:37 –
  • 35:00 – Was it worth it?
  • 36:14 – The tough parts
  • 43:34 – Guest links