Believe In Yourself And Believe In What You’re About To Do With Dee Atkins

Dee is The Motivational VA. Starting her career in the Recruitment Industry, but now predominantly works as a VA, Podcaster and Blogger.  With a side order of networking and events on the side. Miss Make It Happen was started after someone realised her potential as a problem solver. These things came natural to Dee but she hadn’t spotted it herself.

In her spare time she likes to travel the country meeting new people, travel the world seeing new places, pushing herself to the limit both mentally and physically, eating bacon, skating, building forts and trying to stay out of hospital. Dee is the type of person to learn everything the hard way and “I probably deserved it” will be going on her headstone.


Dee’s Key Challenges

  1. Just go for it, there is never a perfect time
  2. If you’re hesitating so much don’t do it, because it not’s for you.
  3. Believe in yourself and believe in what you’re about to do, you’ll take the plunge.



Guest links

Top quotes

  • “Turning points don’t happen over night”
  • “I wanted more and I wanted something different”
  • “I thought I started a war in the middle east”
  • “I was so tired, I couldn’t deal with the 18 hour days anymore”
  • “I started to realise who I actually was”
  • “I’m a help thy neighbour type of person”
  • “My friends call me Maleficent”
  • “That was my turning point, finding myself and being the person I was”
  • “Over the last few years , I’ve learned that you need tot talk to people”
  • “If you’re going through hell, just keep going”
  • “I spent a lot of time on courses and asking friends to help me”
  • “I get  in my way quite a bit”
  • “It was my own obstacles that got in my way”
  • “I find it really difficult to speak to my friends and family about work”
  • “If you take the plunge now and you fail, you’re only going to back where you started.”
  • “I’m of the f**k it mentality”



  • 1:16 – The book
  • 3:44 – Medical challenges
  • 4:53 – The love left the building
  • 5:38 – New thoughts
  • 7:00 – A new me
  • 8:15 – My turning point
  • 9:44 – Perseverance
  • 10:12 – Learning new skills
  • 11:45 – In the way of growth
  • 12:47 – The support network
  • 15:00 – The biggest things
  • 17:48 – Mentality
  • 19:25 – Guest links