Follow Your Passion And Commit To Being Exceptional At It With David Bain

A digital marketer for the past 16 years, David Bain is Founder and Host of Digital Marketing Radio, a weekly podcast and live online show that interviews digital marketing experts. David has already interviewed over 170 experts in their niche area of expertise, and he looks forward to the next 170!


David’s Key Challenges

  1. Take what you’ve learned in the past and apply it today.
  2. Try not to be too reactive about changing the way that you do things.
  3. Improve your knowledge in an area that you want to improve it in.
  4. Follow your passion and commit to exceptional at it.


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Top Quotes

  • I probably did it because I didn’t know what else to do.
  • By my early 20’s I was managing my own place.
  • We decided to start a business online related to what we did.
  • Most restaurant owners didn’t have email addresses never mind check web pages.
  • Fax marketing was very affecting for a long time.
  • I decided to leave a consistent career and do something a little different and fun.
  • Nobody even thought of building email lists.
  • It got me passionate about ‘online’.
  • There were no rules, it was the wild west.
  • What I used to be able to do was have an image of someone pointing towards the ad and that was all that was on the page.
  • I actually had a 70% click-through rate on those ad’s.
  • Back then, you could sell links on your web pages.
  • I was aware that what I was doing wasn’t going to be a long-term business.
  • I ended up getting my own clients and providing SEO services to them.
  • I wanted to help people have massive success online.
  • People asked “what do we do now” so I created another course.
  • I tried to build something of value for people and developing revenue from it.
  • You can’t do a great job of everything in digital nowadays.
  • I have the podcast as one key pillar and build around that.
  • I can tell people listening to the podcast about other events I’m doing.
  • You’ve got to take things methodically.
  • As long as you’re producing content that is easily shareable and you’re audience can share that online, that can be your social arm.
  • You don’t have to know everything to be successful, you just have to know the things that are relevant to what you do at the time.
  • I’m starting to be a fan of “just in time learning”.
  • You can easily fall into a top of just trying to learn and not focus on the things that are going to push your business forward.
  • Follow your passion and commit to being exceptional at it.


Key timestamps

  • 1:20 – A business related degree
  • 1:45 – The internet is the place to be
  • 3:00 – Figuring out the right system
  • 5:07 – Leaving a career to do something fun
  • 6:51 – Looking back on it not working out
  • 8:02 – Getting passionate about “online”.
  • 10:26 – Cheating Google Adsense
  • 13:35 – Helping real businesses online.
  • 14:20 – Creating training courses.
  • 17:26 – Now there is so much more to internet marketing
  • 21:03 – Building on one key area.
  • 23:00 – Don’t be too reactive.
  • 28:55 – Some challenges over time.
  • 32:01 – Learn as you do.
  • 33:46 – The Biggest thing
  • 36:35 – Guest links