Don’t Focus On Negativity, You’ll Give Up Control With Tim Sanders


Tim Sanders spent most of his early career on the cutting edge of innovation and change. He was an early stage member of Mark Cuban’s, which had the largest opening day IPO in history. After Yahoo acquired the company, Tim was tapped to lead their ValueLab, and by 2001, he rose to Chief Solutions…

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Always Push Yourself and Always Be Curious With Kyle Wilkinson


Kyle a British designer living and working in Yorkshire who specialises in creating bespoke display typefaces for brands and publications, designing visual identities, and developing innovative typography and imagery that is both dynamic and powerful.   He’s had the pleasure of working with clients worldwide, of all shapes and sizes to deliver innovative and engaging…

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Being Broad Just isn’t Good Enough With Matt Turner


Matthew Turner is an author & storyteller who works with entrepreneurs, founders & creative thinkers to build thriving businesses that light a fire within them. After interviewing 163 authority figures, Matthew’s unearthed how successful people overcome failure and adversity, not only ensuring they don’t ruin their livelihood but craft their greatest idea yet. Through his…

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Spend Time Building With Colin Gray

Colin Gray

Colin Gray is a podcaster, a writer and a PhD in digital education. He specialises in engaging through content, with podcasting at its core and how to publish prolific content without killing yourself. His company, The Podcast Host, helps anyone to grow an audience by combining podcasting, blogging and video to cultivate fanatical fans.  …

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The Importance Of Being Self-aware With Jessica Kupferman


Jessica Kupferman is an internet and marketing pioneer who is unafraid of new platforms and opportunities. She began her career over 15 years ago, selling banner ads when the internet was considered a fad. In her career, she’s worked with successful small business and some of the largest companies in the world including Comcast, Subaru,…

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You Don’t Have To Know Your End Game Right Away With Hani Mourra


Hani Mourra is a Dad, Softwareprenuer, and the creator of several software tools to help content creators automate the distribution of live videos and podcasts across multiple platforms and grow their audience faster.     Hani’s Key Points   You don’t have to know your end game right away. You don’t know until you try.…

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Don’t Be So Proud That You Won’t Take Opportunities With Matt Miller


Matt Miller spent the first 9 years of his career as an Air Force pilot, before entering the private sector to work in both the medical device and advertising industries.   While a top performer in the corporate world, his long-term desire was to be his own boss. A good friend one day mentioned the…

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Be Braver About Doing Different Things With Sandra Owens


Sandra designs and makes bespoke pieces for architectural installation and interior spaces using a wide range of materials including ceramics, wood, plaster, plastics and concrete.   Design inspirations are derived from abstract digital photography of texture and imagined texture. The photograph captures physical and ephemeral memory cues of places visited. Sandra’s photographs can be art…

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Start Small, Take Gradual Steps And Keep Pushing With Byron Morrison


Byron Morrison is the Author of the book ‘Become a Better You’ and founder of Tailored Lifestyles Coaching.   His work is all about helping people make maintainable changes to the way they eat, think, move and live, as they become healthier, happier, slimmer versions of themselves. You can book a free ‘start your weight…

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Getting The Right Philosophy of Where You Want To Go With Radim Malinic


Radim Malinic is a creative director and designer living and working in South West London. He runs Brand Nu, a multidisciplinary award winning studio.   Before finding his calling in the creative industry, Czech-born Malinic was an ice hockey player, a bassist in death metal bands, an indie DJ, music journalist and student of Economics…

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